Lightspeed Retail POS

Lightspeed retail POS system - Cherubini WAYS, dealer
Typical affordable Lightspeed retail POS system

Lightspeed offers an excellent, comprehensive cloud-based point-of-sale system integrating purchasing, inventory control, sales quotes, e-commerce, and more. Rates starts at just $69.00/month - you can't get a dedicated employee for that!  Runs on desktops and/or on iPad.

This system will answer your needs to know which of your products sell best, make you the most profit, take the longest to replenish, and more. You'll know on which shelf every one of them is, how many you have, and when you need to reorder. Manual and automatic pricing policies can be implemented. Large vendor catalogues can be easily uploaded within minutes.

Lightspeed also keeps track of employee login/logout times (thus helping payroll) and provides plenty of options for individuals' access, remote access, and support-staff oversight. You'll have complete control over finding and fixing ring-out errors and settling the drawer. It interfaces with many credit-card processing systems.

Have done with that old-school cash register! - this is perfect for getting started in easy, modern, multifaceted POS!

John highly recommends it, having considrable experience with the system and with the vendor's support group.  Cherubini WAYS is an authorized referring partner for Lightspeed.  Call and find out how this can work for your business.

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