WAYS rates, 2023

The following are examples of 5 Jan 2023, given in USD, and information given here may not reflect all recent changes.   All rates and other conditions are negotiable and shall be specified in customized contract.  Got questions? - ask!
  • ad hoc (non-contractual) consulting, on-phone, via e-mail, or on-site:  $400 /up to 1  hr;  $10/ea. additional 1/4-hr
  • standard on-site consulting rate:  $200 /dy @+/- 5 hrs /dy
  • expenses, travel, accommodations, other arrangements by contract 
  • on-site POS setup, physical inventory, staff mentoring, etc.:  $2000 (2 wks @5 dys /wk @+/- 5 hrs /day)
  • on-site maintenance consulting:  $2000 (10 wks @1 dy/wk @ +/- 5 hrs /dy  OR  5 wks @2 dys/wk @+/- 5 hrs /dy)
  • ‘Do-or-Do-Not’ project-triage survey, basic:  starts at $300 (per boat @3 hrs on-site); extra travel, extra time, extra services billed as above.
  • product & vendor representation at trade shows:  +/- $400/dy. 
The above figures reflect consulting & related work only - additional services (i.e., generation of creative content, including video) may be billed separately.

Typically payments may be facilitated via PayPal; ask!

Client or third-party use of the Cherubini name for promotional or other beneficial purposes, exclusive of explicit clause in contract, is generally NOT permitted.  For further clarification, please ask!

- JC2