WAYS rates, 2020

The following are examples of 6 Mar 2020, given in USD, and information given here may not reflect all recent changes.   All rates and other conditions are negotiable and shall be specified in customized contract.
  • ad hoc (non-contractual) consulting, on-phone, via e-mail, or on-site - 33.00/up to 1  hr; 8.25/ea. additional 1/4-hr
  • standard on-site consulting rate - 150.00/dy @+/-5hrs/dy
  • expenses, travel, accommodations, other arrangements by contract 
  • on-site POS setup, physical inventory, staff mentoring, etc.- 1500.00 (2 wks @750/wk @5 dys/wk @+/-5 hrs/day)
  • on-site maintenance consulting - 1500.00 (10 wks @1 dy/wk @150.00/dy OR 5 wks @2 dys/wk @150.00/dy)
  • ‘Do-or-Do-Not’ project-triage survey, basic - starts at 200.00 (per boat); extra travel, extra time, extra services billed as above
  • product & vendor representation at trade shows - starts at 150.00/day
The above figures reflect consulting & related work only - additional services (i.e., generation of creative content) may be billed separately.

Typically payments may be facilitated via PayPal; ask!

- JC2