What WAYS can do for you

Consulting services for the small business

Simply stated, your goal is simple: to make money. You’ve chosen your field and you aim to make more money than you put in, and to make more this year than you made last year.

Simply stated, what I can offer you is concrete assistance in achieving these goals. It's not just talk. I come from small and family-run business, and I have a multidisciplined background in engineering, manufacturing, inventory, and retail. I understand the constraints under which most small businesses operate, and I have the ability and willingness to increase your profits.

Services offered

I am available and qualified to perform ANY or ALL of these, per contract, long- or short-term:

Sales support and marketing

  • Developing promotional content: brochures, photo/video, social media; editorial expertise
  • Integrating of e-commerce: website and eBay listings, pricing & shipping policies
  • Planning sales and promotional events, setup, hosting, cross-marketing

Resale & retail

  • Setup and oversight of POS systems; integration with inventory & accounting
  • Design and setup of in-store displays; merchandizing, advertising
  •  Setup and administration of pricing rules, sales & discount policies

Inventory control

  • Sourcing & purchasing; supply-chain management
  • Conducting physical inventory, cycle counting; cost accounting
  • Management of warehousing; shipping and receiving; logistics
  • Disposition of surplus stock, tools, raw materials, unfinished projects


In general

  • Negotiation with vendors, carriers, contractor
  • Training & motivation of staff; assistance to management
  • Company representation at trade shows & events, with customers, clients, other stakeholders


Specific to boating industry

  • Product, component and whole-boat design expertise, from cost analysis to marketing
  • User-centric testing and evaluation; real-world seamanship/sailing expertise
  • Structural analysis; fiberglass, wood, composite construction & service
  • Component & system engineering; redesign; repair & remediation; sailboat rigging
  • Pre-project triage (the ‘Do-Or-Do-Not’ survey)

Also available

  • Bookkeeping & accounting services; payroll
  • Legal services fine-tuned for small-business budget
  • Expedited courier/delivery services for pickup, delivery, errands

ALL work is subject to WAYS consulting policy, available to interested parties via e-mail (-.pdf), and applicable revisions as stipulated in contract. 

There’s a lot we can do in a relationship built on trust, translucency and teamwork. Ask me; and we’ll meet and discuss how I can help.

Based in New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida - but will help you anywhere!

- JC2